Oh how trends come and go...

OUT: Over the knee boots

IN: Ankle boots


OUT: French Manicure (sorry Snookie)

IN: "Moons"


OUT: Feather hair extensions (that was fast)

IN: Hair Chalking!!!!!!


OUT: Bold prints


IN: Polka dots


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Thursday, 20 October 2011 19:46

Mirror/ Mirror Hair Chalking Segment

Remember my hair chalking blog? Here is the Mirror/Mirror segment that inspired it!

Mirror/Mirror Hair Accessory Segment

Thursday, 20 October 2011 18:42

Whitney Port on Mirror/Mirror!

A little while back I mentioned that I went to the Whitney Port trunk show at Tootsies and that I was interviewed by Mirror/Mirror at the event....Well finally here is the link to the segment!

Mirror/Mirror at the Whitney Port trunk show

By the way...Can you believe how short I look standing next to Whitney in the video?!




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